November 21, 2019


Desert Synthetics LLC is owned by Amsoil Independent Direct Jobber John Cardell who is an authorized distributor of Amsoil Products.

I've been selling Amsoil since 2008 and have used their synthetic lubricants (motor oils, transmission fluids, etc...) ever since. I have no engine nor no transmission failures since.

The cars I own are a 2001 Toyota 4Runner (147,000 miles) and a 2004 Toyota Tacoma (163,000 miles) and both cars are running as strong as ever.

My 2011 Toyota Camry hasn't seen any other oil except Amsoil. It had the factory filled oil until the first oil change. The engine still feels like the day it left the dealership.

I highly recommend becoming an Amsoil Preferred Customer or Home Dealer and never use any other product.

We also have retail ( for selling products in your store or place of business including repair shops and parts stores) and commercial (for use in your company vehicles, equipment, etc...) business accounts.

Your car and pocket book will thank you.

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